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My Love Netflix,

I can’t believe it has been 6 years since our relationship and we have only gotten stronger together. I remember the first time I saw you in your black suit and red cravat, I fell in love with you right away! 

Netflix on multiple devices

You have always taken care of my needs and desires and comforted me at the end of the day when I come back home tired and overwhelmed. Lazy Sundays are the best when you play my favourite horror movies, and we spend hours together just having a good time… You know I have been with others before, but your communication and way of expression is so clear that I never have to read between the lines and be confused around you. You’r comforting and flexible nature is what attracted me towards you in the first place. I realize how much effort it took you to make it possible for us to be together through multiple devices. Do you remember the vacation we took to Chicago last winter? The way you slipped into the hotel room television set was fascinating.

I am also blown away by the fact that even without the internet you always find a way to be by my side anywhere and at anytime, not all have such quality. I love how I can enjoy your company on the go and have some meaningful interactions. Although sometimes, I find it so annoying that I have to download my favourite TV series one episode at a time. I am sure you’ll work on this and figure out a better way around.

You already have shown great commitment towards our relationship through personal growth. At first, I used to really enjoy your auto-play preview feature to get the sense of what I am getting into, but then it started getting annoying. Anytime I tried to enjoy your presence in silence and read through content synopses, you blared loud trailers at me. But now, you fixed that and gave me an option to chose what I want, and our experience together has been so much better. Although, I wish I didn’t have to dig so deep to access this feature and could toggle this on/off on the fly.

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I appreciate that you finally understood the fact that I no longer have room for past experiences that I once had interest in and would very much like to remove from my list and move on. You have made our lives so much more meaningful with your work on visual communication through subtitle appearance adjustments. It seems to be helping my brother a lot, you know how he struggles with his vision these days.

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I am amazed how you adjust your personality as per my liking and not stick to your own version of self. I can really be myself around you… Your exclusiveness for me in terms of how you appear, what you suggest, what experiences you bring to our lives based on my preferences grounds my individuality. You don’t treat me like everyone else and I love you for that.

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I can’t say for others, but I deeply appreciate the variety and excitement you bring into mine and my family’s life. You allow us to create multiple profiles for my family under one account giving us the opportunity to know you in our own unique ways. Especially, the way you have bonded with the kids is so heart warming. You allow me to guide you to better understand the kids and interact with them in the best way possible, so keep it up my love. 

I see how proactive you are at bringing a wide range of diverse content for me to experience, with so many unexplored multicultural subjects – some interestingly intellectual and some entertaining. You even pick out the top ones of the day for me to explore and add to my watch list, making my life so much easier. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting love!

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Speaking of the list, I hope you remember our date coming Saturday evening and all the new movies we are going to watch from my library (my list) that you helped me create. You’ll be surprised to see the theme I have picked for us… Spoiler alert – It’s Horror Movie night!

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You have been so considerate of my needs, and I love spending time with you and listening to you intently. So, it is really difficult for me to understand why you feel the need to ask me over and over if I am still watching you?  It breaks the flow of our experience together, so please try not to do that. I strongly believe that you will come through on this.

If you just consider my advice and work on it, your relationship with everyone will be so much more efficient. Trust me! I am here to help you… And could you please allow me to suggest and share the amazing content you bring me with family and friends through you and not third parties like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. I just want to show them how awesome you are and may be they can appreciate you even more. I realize all this can be overwhelming, just start one thing at a time and remember that I love you and I will always guide you.

Your's Forever.

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